Our local communities are important on many levels. Social cohesion and a sense of belonging, good communities reflect the pride residents have in their area and impact on our children. Community services and local businesses can help get back the community spirit we once had - and I'd like to see come back again.

I'm also working to get Heathrow to expand its Wider Property Offer Zone (WPOZ) and if successful we'll get better facilities, services and other improvements. It will also deliver a 25% financial gain for homeowners in Stanwell Moor and parts of Stanwell.

If you can help in any way, please get in touch to see if we can all work together. I have never been involved in politics but I know how to get things done and in December 2018 I received a Pride of Spelthorne Award for my work and achievements in community.

Pride of Spelthorne Award


Unlike NATIONAL POLITICS: If you VOTE for hard working "LOCAL CHAMPIONS" who are already making Councils deliver "THEY CAN" make REAL CHANGE. - I've done it as a volunteer in STANWELL  MOOR for the last 2-YEARS. - So I'd like try to help in STANWELL!


Is a suburban village in Surrey, immediately east of London's M25 Motorway, south-west of Heathrow Airport and west of its sister village of Stanwell. It has a parade of shops, a community pub, a Community Hall and a Residents' Association led by campaign activist Jim McIlroy.

Stanwell Moor to the South is covered by the King George VI Reservoir and to the south-west is the Wraysbury Reservoir. It forms part of the Colne Valley regional park, River Colne distributaries run through it and the village is buffered from all other settlements.

The locality gained its main barrier from what had always been its village in the early 1960s, when a dual carriageway hived it off. However, it is still strongly tied with Stanwell in the Church of England, its parish.

While Heathrow is a major employer in the area, it has hugely impacted on the people of Stanwell Moor and while they support airport expansion. Stanwell Moor is fighting back via the UK's only expand WPOZ Campaign. *A vote for Jim, Conservative Candidate for Stanwell North on May 2nd - Is a vote to have a village Councillor who wants to protect our village.


Is a village in the Borough of Spelthorne, 16 miles (26 km) of Charing Cross and centred 12 mile (800 m) from the Southern boundary of London Heathrow Airport. It is the northernmost settlement in Surrey.

It is the largest community in the Stanwell North Ward but is separated by a large field and a dual carriageway from its semi-rural sister neighbourhood of Stanwell Moor, which includes most of the remaining village farms, a large reservoir and a dual carriageway.

It is included with Stanwell Moor within the electoral Ward of Stanwell North and the parish of Stanwell and the west of the village forms areas of open land, much of which is part of the Metropolitan Green Belt.

With a current campaign asking Heathrow to compensate and support the communities and regional and local Councils being lobbied to deliver better services. It is a exciting time both villages, where village-centric campaigning could deliver opportunities for both communities. With community support Wider Property Offer Zone inclusion could happen for Stanwell Moor and parts of Stanwell with all the benefits that brings.