Although I have never been a political person, I am an experienced campaigner and I have experience in getting things done and the first tnig you have to do if you are to succeed in getting success for your community is to find the party who you can partner with to make things happen,

So in that sense if BOTH Councils at County and Borough levels are Conservatives. 36 of the 35 Councillors at Spelthorne Borough Council are Conservative Councillors and 60 out of the 61 Councillors at Surrey County Council are Conservative Councillors then it would make no sense to stand for Labour or the Greens.

I believe that everyone whether you're political or not have some kind of conservative values, like.... who are prepared to get out and do what it takes to deliver better services and facilities for residents.

So for me when I set out it was because I wanted to force change in my community. So although I might not be able to have an effect on whats happening in Westminster - LOCAL POLITICS is VERY DIFFERENT, in local politics I CAN help to make changes and to do this at board or committee level that means that what you're campaigning for will be supported by the majority of ANY committee.


People know me as a community activist as I’m committed to improving our areas, to reducing blight and tackling anti-social behaviour. I campaigned for width-restrictions to stop giant HGV's driving through Stanwell Moor and I secured significant road safety improvements for local residents. I’ve been involved in discussions with Surrey County Council and the work that's ongoing to make Stanwell Moor Road safer.

I also run a very public campaign seeking to force Heathrow Airport to expand their Wider Property Offer Zone (WPOZ) and when I was asked to extend the campaign to include Stanwell to help make a difference to the area I said I would, if the people of Stanwell support me. 

I never thought I'd ever be involved in politics at this stage in my life. I just knew something had to be done as residents have been let down for far too long and I'm prepared to do all I can to make positive changes in the Stanwell North Ward. If I have your votes and I'm elected.

i'm working closely with our mp

I've working closely for the last year with Kwasi Kwarteng our MP and Spelthorne Council leader Councillor Ian Harvey and various other Councillors and civil servants who have helped me deliver real progress that I now want to extend to Stanwell Village.

I've had Addison Lee vehicles excluded from the area. traffic restrictions and other blight reducing measures and we are soon to have a new entry to a recycling facility that will see giant commercial vehicles unable to enter our area from the M25 or use it as a short cut. It was Conservative Councillors and a Conservative Council that helped me to do this.

So when I asked myself could any other party help me do these things. The answer was an obvious NO. So if I wanted to deliver more gains in the next few years and I do then running for the Conservative Party was the only way to ensure real change and better ?? our every voter in the Stanwell North Ward 

These successes are making a difference to residents and I believe the wins I’ve had are transferable. So I had no hesitation when I was asked to by residents if I would extend the campaigns to include Stanwell. I said I would, if the people of Stanwell support me. 

I’m prepared to work for every resident to make a difference. On Heathrow, while I support Heathrow as a major employer and the airport expansion, I feel if this is to happen that both Stanwell Moor and Stanwell should fight for all the benefits we can get for residents. The only way to do this is to force Heathrow to expand the WPOZ and if I have the support of both communities I will campaign for Stanwell and Stanwell Moor to be included within Heathrow’s Wider Property Offer Zone.

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