The Wider Property Offer Zone WPOZ is a scheme by Heathrow to compensate communities affected by the airport expansion. I'm lobbying Heathrow to expand the zone to include Stanwell Moor and if Stanwell residents vote for me it will allow me to expand the campaign for Stanwell.

WHY? - Because to suggest that this is only about a new runway is ludicrous, when this is about airport expansion in its entirety. Stanwell Moor is the most-blighted community within the Heathrow perimeter as we have lived directly under the Southern runway flightpath for decades. Yet we have never received a penny in compensation from Heathrow Airport.

Similarly so, Stanwell is blighted by noise, pollution, vehicles and taxis and will be further impacted as the airport expands, not least should Europe's biggest car park arrive on our doorstep. So if the airport is to expand and Stanwell residents vote me in. - I will negotiate for both villages!



When Heathrow announced that they intended to compensate communities that have never been affected by the airport but did not include villages that have been seriously blighted for decades by the airport on a daily basis and none more so than Stanwell Moor, where residents live under the existing Southern runway. I began the fight for an expansion of the WPOZ to include Stanwell Moor.

The idea that Heathrow could suggest this was about a new runway seemed ludicrous to me when it was clear compensation should be for all communities affected by the airport.

Especially when HALs CEO was publicly quoted as saying:

“Our proposal for expansion at Heathrow has been developed with input from local communities. We are committed to treating people fairly. People told us that we should extend our offer to local home owners living close to the airport and we have listened.” John Holland-Kaye.

I decided Heathrow Airport Ltd should be made to honour that quote. As senior directors had been saying similar and I had been arguing since 2013 and we had been promised compensation when T4 was built and then T5 and we received nothing!

“There is huge concern about the proposals from the fact they threaten to blight Stanwell Moor...” Nigel Milton, Heathrow Director of External Affairs - Sept 2013.

“The important questions for Stanwell Moor residents is about their houses and compensation..” - Jim McIlroy, Stanwell Moor Action Community - Sept 2013.


Recognising the strength of the WPOZ Campaign and will of the people. John Holland-Kaye writes to me on the 27th July 2018.

Dear Jim

Thanks for your email and for the petition and letters from residents. Along with Spelthorne Council and your MP, you’ve set out a strong case for extending the boundary of the Wider Property Offer Zone (WPOZ). We are now actively and seriously considering your request.

I fully appreciate the need for certainty for local residents. Over the coming months, the preferred expansion masterplan will be finalised. This will be based on feedback received in the first consultation, including from you and other residents, and will consider the likely impact on Stanwell Moor. The legislation then requires that any changes to the WPOZ boundary will need to be consulted with communities and other interested stakeholders as part of our statutory consultation in the first half of next year. 

I understand the strength of feeling on this issue and the frustration felt at how long the process is taking. I can assure you that we remain committed to treating our communities fairly which includes responding to consultation feedback fairly and appropriately.

Rob Gray will be happy to discuss this with you and others at Monday’s public meeting.

Best wishes


John Holland-Kaye

Chief Executive Officer 


Should I be successful with my Heathrow WPOZ Expansion Campaign, residents of the areas would benefit from:

  • reduced airport-related blight; plus
  • better services and airport connectivity; plus
  • new or improved community facilities; plus
  • new local jobs creation.

Property owners be entitled to enhanced compensation including: 

  • the unaffected open market value of the property (excluding development value); plus
  • a home loss payment of 25% of the unaffected open market value of the property (excluding development value); plus
  • stamp duty (where residential) or other costs (where non-residential) associated with the purchase of an equivalent value property; plus
  • reimbursement of reasonable legal fees, moving costs and other disturbance costs.

I will continue to work with Spelthorne Borough Council and Heathrow Airport to deliver real change in our communities.

If I Am Elected!

I'll continue to work with Spelthorne Borough Council to engage local businesses and lobby Heathrow Airport to reduce airport-related blight and deliver new facilities, better services and airport connectivity. To increase local jobs, deliver change in our communities and compensate the residents of Stanwell and Stanwell Moor.